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I've written over 100 articles for TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Santa Barbara Magazine, Vietnam News, and more.

My work focuses on using personal narratives to explore larger themes, whether profiling the college dropouts who founded multi-million dollar brand MVMT or digging into the unseen army of ghostwriters powering the booming content marketing industry. Publications include Tech Crunch, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Santa Barbara Magazine, Vietnam News, and more.


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Yoavi // Susquehanna Review // Spring 2013
When You Wake Up // Junk Literary Journal // Winter 2012
Empty Spaces // Spectrum Literary Journal // Spring 2011



The Rise of @RabbiLiady: Who is Behind the #Torah420 Periscope Sessions? // The Times of Israel // Fall 2016

These 2 Young Entrepreneurs Seized the Time -- and Success // Entrepreneur //  Spring 2016

Russian Refugees' Son Cleans Up Online // The Atlanta Jewish Times // Winter 2015

East meets West for UC Grad at Asian  Chabads // Jewish Journal // Fall 2014

The Workings of GingerWork // Word Vietnam // Spring 2014



Why No One is Buying Bras Online // Entrepreneur // Summer 2016

The Risk Of Reviewing The Reviewer // Tech Crunch // Spring 2015

The Army Of Ghostwriters Behind King Content // Tech Crunch // Spring 2015



An Extraordinary Ecolodge Hidden in the Ecuadorian Andes // The Culture-ist // February 201

Mantry: Filling the Modern Man's Pantry with Artisan Food

The Culture-ist // February 2014

Sustainable Vietnamese Coffee from the Farmer to your Cup

The Culture-ist // February 2014



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The Army Of Ghostwriters Behind King Content // Tech Crunch

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How to Collect + Leverage Customer Photos 



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