1. Background

When Yotpo acquired Swell, we were faced with a new challenge: How do we adapt our content strategy to cater to multiple product lines? Swell was a totally new product (loyalty programs) and we needed to establish ourselves in the ecosystem (and quickly, because we had to support aggressive sales goals.

2. Purpose

  • Brand Positioning: Position Yotpo as an expert/resource for customer loyalty 

  • Product Positioning: Showcase the necessity for flexibility in a loyalty program


3. Challenge

Tons of reputable brands (Forrester, Gartner, Shopify) had already created high-ranking, high-quality guides and playbooks. Competition for keywords around loyalty was fierce, and the bar for content was high. Most of the existing content was packed with data and brand examples.

4. What we did:

- Identified a gap in existing material - Many brands think loyalty programs are limited to using points and discounts to boost retention “One size fits all” mentality: Templated programs aren’t just ineffective, but can be potentially detrimental to brand building. In a world where every interaction with a customer matters, a generic approach can damage a customer’s perception of your brand.

Strategy: Create real impact in the conversation around how to build a loyalty program by creating an innovative, thoughtful approach for brands
A comprehensive guide to understanding the current market trends in customer loyalty and a practical approach to identify the right program for your brand and put it into action. Offers a new way to think about loyalty: A flexible and dynamic framework made up of three approaches. Brands can choose an approach that brings the most value to their customers and addresses their specific business goals.


5. Outcome: How the idea translated across different mediums

Ebook | Web




Page | Web

Brand blueprints library

Featuring real program examples of brands like MVMT, UNTUCKit, Soko Glam, and Thirdlove.

Book | Print

Print version of the playbook for distribution at Shoptalk [PDF]


Tool | Web

Loyalty program generator

Down the funnel asset



  • Distributed in email campaigns to leads and customers

  • Created dedicated ad campaign

  • Internal education on new narrative to sales tea

  • Retail Dive

  • Shoptalk Print Book

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